Coalition Work and Community Development

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre: VSW was responsible for coordinating and administering a restructuring grant for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre from September 2004 to June 2005. This grant was applied to five different areas at the Centre including: women who access the Centre, volunteers, staff, board, and elders council. Funding was used to support costs of facilitation, accessibility expenses (i.e. food, childcare and transportation) and room rentals. Community facilitator support came from Charlene Wee, Junie Désil, Julia Woo, Rain Daniels, and Cecily Nicholson.

Work with women at the centre has included: the facilitation of “women’s voice” sessions, support groups, workshops, community meetings, staff consultations, hiring, training, organizational development, and the planning and support of various aspects of Centre operations as well as community events. VSW is honoured to be able to support this important resource for women in the Downtown Eastside and we respect the community of workers that keep it viable.

BC Coalition of Women's Centres: Vancouver Status of Women continues to support the work of the BC Coalition of Women Centres. This coalition has come together to address the provincial funding cuts through media work, lobbying, actions, rallies, and fundraising. Another priority includes working with allies to pressure the BC government to reinstate core funding to the Coalition. VSW has given workshops for the BC Coalition of Women's Centres and continues to work with them on policy, fundraising and staff development.

End Legislated Poverty: VSW works closely with ELP on activities including finding resources for ELP to continue operating and building organizational capacity.

South Coast Women’s Centres: VSW continues to meet and discuss fundraising options with other women’s centres in the south coast region.

Feminist Alliance for International Action: VSW attended a historical meeting in Ottawa on developing a stronger national organization. The Feminist Alliance for International Action seeks to lobby the federal government to implement UN agreements that fight discrimination against women.

No One is Illegal (NOII): VSW continues to support the work of NOII regarding the systemic racist barriers that immigrants, refugees, and non-status residents experience in Canada. In particular, VSW participated in the Refugee Camp Campaign exposing the Canadian state’s immigration policies that legislate discriminatory practices.

Working Group on Poverty: VSW regularly contributes a feminist, anti-poverty analysis to the dialogue regarding immigrant women and poverty.

Vancouver Custody and Access Support & Advocacy Association (VCASSA): VSW participated as a Board Member regarding issues of custody and access.

We continue to build community with the following organizations:

Palestine Community Centre, BC Teachers Federation, BC Government and Services Employees Union, Lower Mainland Coalition for Social Justice, We Act, Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, Tenants Rights Action Coalition, Hospital Employees Union, United Native Nations Local 111, No One is Illegal, Palestine Community Centre, Sex Workers Action Network, Bus Riders’ Union, The Welfare & Disabilities Peoples Union, the Seniors Network BC, WestCoast Leaf, Vernon Women's Centre, PovNet, FLAW, PACE, North Shore Women’s Centre, Kamloops Women’s Centre, SFU Women’s Studies Department, UBC Women’s Studies Programme, Immigrating Women in Science, and BC Coalition of People with Disabilities.

VSW’s Project Coordinator also works with a number of national women’s organizations:

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, LEAF National, NAWL, Native Women’s Association of Canada, and the Coalition for Women’s Equality.

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