How we work:

Vancouver Status of Women understands that there are some women who face struggles on many fronts. In recent years, VSW has been more actively involved in organizing communities of women to develop strategies that address the wide variety of issues concerning women. We believe that women of diverse backgrounds working together can transform society. Diverse backgrounds include, but are not limited to: class, poverty, race, ethnicity, language, age, ability, sexual orientation, and gender expression.

VSW's Vision ~ Freedom and self-determination for all through responsible, socially just, healthy and joyful communities both locally and globally.

Volunteers and staff share the responsibility for work done at VSW. We all participate in decision-making, performing tasks, evaluating the problems and celebrating the successes. A coordinating collective (Board) ensures that VSW stays responsive to the needs of our community.

Please take a moment to read our values and join VSW in making sure that, individually and collectively, we always uphold these values for the good of our community. Thank you!

Vancouver Status of Women's Values

VSW is a registered non-profit and charitable organization.

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VSW at a No One Is IllegaI event (2005)
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