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Reports from the Racialization of Poverty Project

Indigenous Women, the Indian Act and Systemic Oppression REASONS FOR RESISTANCE

History in our Faces on Occupied Land: A Race Relations Timeline


Reports from the Women & Welfare Project
A New Era: A Deepening of Women's Poverty

The report examines recent changes to British Columbia’s Employment Assistance Act and the Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act through a feminist, anti-poverty perspective, effectively situating these changes within the context of historical colonization as well as current economic globalization. This report addresses the following questions: Why is poverty increasing in our communities? Who benefits from poverty? Why are more women living in poverty in the world and Canada? Why are the poor being attacked?

Facing the New Era of Cuts: Voices of BC Advocates & Service Providers Working with Women on Welfare & Poverty

This report is based on the results of a survey distributed to BC welfare advocates and service providers by VSW during the months of July and August, 2003. The survey was conducted as a part of VSW’s ‘Women and Welfare Project' with the following purposes:
1. To guide the Project in developing resources and tools for advocates/service providers;
2. To assist the Project in identifying the need for community workshops and resources for women accessing or attempting to access the welfare system; and
3. To identify useful educational tools for the public and the media.
We encourage you to use this document as needed in your political, research, policy, and community actions. We ask that you acknowledgement and credit Vancouver Status of Women.

Lobbying for Changes to the BC Employment & Assistance Regulations




Welfare Resource Guide for Women

This guide provides general information to women about BC's welfare system or Employment Assistance Regulations. In particular, the guide especially focuses on the needs of single mothers. The laws regarding welfare have changed significantly in the last three years. We have attempted to provide up-to-date information as of February 2005.

Single Mother's Resource Guide

This is a crucial guide to community resources for single mothers and groups/agencies working with single moms. We have gathered information over the past year on the recent and on-going Liberal Government cuts and have produced a new and improved 9th edition of the Single Mother's Resource Guide. Call our office for more information, or download the new edition HERE.

Guia de Recursos Para Madres Solteras AQUI!

Esta es una importante guia de recursos en la comunidad para madres solteras asi como para grupos y agencias que trabajan con madres solteras. Hemos reunido esta informacion en 2011 sobre los cortes al presupuesto del gobierno liberal y producimos esta 8a. edicion de la Guia de Recursos Para Madres Solteras. Llamenos para mayor informacion o baje la edicion en espanol en formato pdf.



Conflict Resolution: A Protocol for Women’s Organizations in B.C (2001)

No More “Us” and “Them”: Recommendations for Women-Serving Organizations From Women Living in Poverty (2002)



ENTWINE - 2014-2015 Annual Report

ENTWINE - Feminist Organizing, 2014 Annual Report

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