Volunteer At VSW

There are many volunteer opportunities at VSW. In the past, some of the activities that volunteers have assisted with include fundraising, planning events, the production of our resource publications and answering our lawyer referral line.

If you are interested in volunteering contact us to discuss what opportunities are available: 604-255-6554 or womencentre@vsw.ca

Become a Coordinating Collective (CC) Member: CC members are essentially the VSW Board of Directors. All CC members are given equal vote in dealing with internal issues regarding policy, fundraising, the Women's Centre, special projects and finances. To become a part of the CC, a member of VSW must be nominated and voted into the position at our Annual General Meeting. CC members are expected to attend regular monthly meetings as well as sit on VSW committees.

For more information call 604-255-6554 or email womencentre@vsw.ca



Volunteer Rights – Our Commitment to You
• The right to be treated with respect as a co-worker and not just free help.
• The right to suitable participation with consideration of your abilities and interests.
• The right to know as much as possible about VSW, its policies, procedures, issues and programs.
• The right to be involved in a variety of experiences and activities.
• The right to have responsible and clearly presented training when needed.
• The right to be heard and to make suggestions.
• The right to participate in planning the work of VSW.
• The right to be recognized for your contribution to VSW and the women’s movement.

Volunteer Responsibilities – Your Commitment to VSW
Read, understand and support the mission statement and the statement of principles of Vancouver Status of Women.
• Maintain confidentiality of information gathered while working at VSW (where applicable).
• Take your commitment seriously by showing up and completing tasks or informing staff if you cannot do so.
• Endeavor to stay informed of VSW activities and issues.
• Voice your own ideas and opinions openly and honestly.
• Participate in decision making.
• Care and respect yourself and others, recognizing the skills available among us.
• Recognize your own and others’ limitations and boundaries.

2652 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z6
604-255-6554 Fax: 604-255-7508 Email: womencentre@vsw.ca